I am a very interesting person. I am creative as well. The exciting part is... I am like a map there is so much to me. But here are a few things. I am a Pastor, wife, life coach, teacher, author, wife, and friend. I have have two-live in armourbeares... I am blessed. My teachings are rich, and I promise, I will motivate you to change. I have not always been a motivator, but God! Well that's me, stay connected to learn more.

Detox Your old Mindset

I know what you are saying.  “Detox your MIND?!” Yes! Just like you detox your physical body.  To rid it of the toxics that have built up over time.  That’s what happens in our soul i.e mind.  Your mind is where your thinker is.   Romans 12:1-2 talks about the renewing …

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facebookHave you ever been hurt? Did you feel like that hurt broke you?  Did you feel like you were going to lose it? Did you ever feel that you would heal from it?  If that’s you, this will help you understand some things…. Psalms 34:18 –  The LORD is near those that …

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How can I ease the pain?

How in the world can you ease the pain that you feel on the inside? How can you get what you feel on the inside out.  Broken, feeling hopeless, lonely, mind racing, heart pounding, feeling anxious.  And on top of that, you have to pretend that the pain is not …

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What Are YOU Allowing‬?

What are YOU allowing to drain your energy? If you aren’t TRULY assessing a thing, honestly, you are setting yourself up every time for a broken heart. One thing I learned about people is this: Action speaks LOUDER than mere words. Anybody can talk Bible – and not live it. …

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Why why why????

Many times in our lives we are faced with pain and rejection.  It seems at times God is not even there to hear your call, or your cry.  It seems that you have gotten a terrible report at the Doctor about your health.  Now you are faced with fear, and you are …

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