How can I ease the pain?

How in the world can you ease the pain that you feel on the inside? How can you get what you feel on the inside out.  Broken, feeling hopeless, lonely, mind racing, heart pounding, feeling anxious.  And on top of that, you have to pretend that the pain is not there.  What do you do?  How can I get this pain in my chest to stop? How can I relate what I am feeling to others, without being judged?  And I have a title at that.  God when you have a title people don’t think you hurt, they don’t think you cry, but you do.  What do I do? somebody help me.  Is that your plea? is that your cry?………

So many are suffering with some pain of some sort, and the truth is, we all from time to time, pain, from something.  Be-it, physical, or emotionally, but we all pain.  Many I have learned, tries to hide it.  Not because they don’t want to let it out, but because they are afraid of being judged.  Afraid no one has the time to care to listen.  We that are strong, must bear the infirmity of the weak Romans 15:1.  Many people are dealing with weaknesses but are made to feel that, because they have a title, they need to be strong.  That is so sad.  Because we are not always strong.  I want to let you know if you are a leader, or you have some big title, its ok for you to let it out.  Don’t hide it.  Go to God in realty, and let Him know how you feel. Go to a trusting friend, and ask them for their ear, and pray that they will have a understanding heart.  Those that are reading this, be a solution to someone who is in pain.  Be a shoulder, be one that offers hope to the hurting,  Many times, I have cried alone, and the pain in my heart was almost unbearable.  It was to the point at times, that I didn’t know if I could go on.  If I have felt this way, imagine all those out there, that are still in tremendous pain.  You are not alone, God wants to comfort you, He want you to trust that He is listening with a caring heart.  He cares for you.  Remember, don’t hide behind your title, let God know what you are really feeling.  So many have been taught to ignore your feelings, and go on.  You must release, to go into that ease, and that healing that is always available to us.  Always remember you do not have to pain alone….  Trust God!


Author, Juanita Gibbs




I am a very interesting person. I am creative as well. The exciting part is... I am like a map there is so much to me. But here are a few things. I am a Pastor, wife, life coach, teacher, author, wife, and friend. I have have two-live in armourbeares... I am blessed. My teachings are rich, and I promise, I will motivate you to change. I have not always been a motivator, but God! Well that's me, stay connected to learn more.

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