Medicine for the Soul

Greetings Friends,

This is my Soul Therapy section: Below you will find content that will help set you on the path to healing, deliverance and freedom! Join me…

In our soul we experience traumatic situations. These situations have caused us to have emotional and mental handicaps. I have created a few techniques to help you start a process of healing.

  • Meditation
    • Meditation is a medicine to help new information go into your subconscious mind, which when it gets into your subconscious mind it can bring forth true change.
  • Acknowledge
    • Acknowledge what you are feeling. Many times we blanket our pain instead of feeling it and dealing with it. Part of your healing will come when you feel the real situation.
  • Journaling
    • Journaling is important! It will help you connect with your inner-self. Many times we ignore our inner-self, but as you begin journaling more stuff in your soul will come up. It’s a form of casting your cares. (1 Peter 5:7AMP)
  • Emptying
    • Emptying is the time that comes after you have felt it, acknowledged it, confessed it and now you want to empty it out of your soul. You know full removal like carrying out the trash. Just don’t go back and get the trash. Take the trash out for good! This is why the process of “inner healing” doesn’t work for so many.


I have a program available! It is a 45-minute therapy of the soul one-on-one session call. It will be a time where you can discuss what is hurting you deep on the inside. In the 45-minutes I will be able to help you discover the root of your pain and give you direct steps to meet your individual spiritual journey needs. It will also cover those items above for beginning the process of setting you on the path to healing. When the pain is trapped in your soul it discolors how you look at people and situations. Lets get clear and on the way to being healed.

To have this 45-minute soul therapy call it is $45. Click the link below to pay using note:  45- minute Soul therapy call

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