Uncovering the Real Problem

Roots uncovered

At some point in our lives the question arises. I call them the 3 W’s. Why what, when, Why do I act life this? Why can’t I overcome this? What’s wrong with me? What’s going on? When is my time coming? When will this end? Why do I respond like this? Does this sound familiar?

There are a vast amount of un-answered questions, un-resolved issues, and un-healed hurts. I find that mostly we have been trained to only deal with surface stuff and not the origin of things. Some call it getting to the root of the problem. I call it getting to the seed of it. I often teach people that they are a spirit and we have a soul and these live in a body. So the part that needs the renewing and the transformation is the soul of man. We still (even as born again believers) have some pain of the past, some rejection, wrong patterns of thinking, etc. Why cover this mess up and shout over it? If a person is having some addictions of some sort, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a demon. At least that’s what we hear all the time. No we have a soul as well. 1Thess5:23 tells us about each part. We tend to pray Lord deliver such and such from alcohol, anorexia, bulimic, drugs, etc. But that is just a symptom. They are using these things to numb the real issues. So let’s start praying that the real problem will be revealed. So that people can truly experience true freedom and change.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us how important and powerful the Word is. So powerful that it pierces. It can go all the way back to when that particular pain started and do a soul surgery in your Amygdala. Also meditation is very powerful as we’ll. It is medicine for the mind. As we meditate it pierces that deepest part of our brain, called the Delta. This is where the word says, “The deep calleth unto the deep.” Yes we still can have some deep places that need healing. Let’s begin being transparent with ourselves and deal with what’s truly there. What’s truly inside of us?

When a seed develops, it goes down and grows roots down and sprouts up and bears its fruit. We need to become healthy and healed from the inside out. I try to make sure I build trust with people so they can feel comfortable in this process. Condemning them will cause them to draw back. A strong relationship with Love… Be a listening ear… Don’t judge out of your self… Be quick to assure them that they can trust you, and you will begin to see people truly changed. I ask people are you hurting? Their response is no! I’m not worried about. But we must develop a relationship with the truth. Loving the truth more than we have a lie. It’s the truth that we know, love, intimately have a relationship with, that will revealed the deeper problems, and help you solve.

Let’s Uncover to discover.



I am a very interesting person. I am creative as well. The exciting part is... I am like a map there is so much to me. But here are a few things. I am a Pastor, wife, life coach, teacher, author, wife, and friend. I have have two-live in armourbeares... I am blessed. My teachings are rich, and I promise, I will motivate you to change. I have not always been a motivator, but God! Well that's me, stay connected to learn more.

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