How to Cope with the Pain

juanita g painHow do you handle, or better yet cope with the pain that your feeling on the inside, that you can not express to anyone. Let me share a mini portion of my story. I remember being a young girl who even at young age had such a discernment. I just did not know what it was. I felt something was going to happen, but just couldn’t explain what I felt. Well I never had what you call a normal childhood anyway. I know too well about pain, and I am sure you that are reading this, knows too. After being kidnapped by my own biological dad, life turned for my family. Although I loved loved mother I could feel that this night would be the last night that I felt her warm touch. And it happened! My dad was very abusive and controlling to my mother, I could remember him telling my mother, if she didn’t steal for him, he would cut me up and put me in a body bag. Yes! such frightening words coming from a dad. This particular night my life would change forever. And it happened, my dad comes in violently, and demanding. At first he shoots my dear grandmother in the head, and then comes in the room, where I am at, and kills my mother, in front of me. Oh was I numb, confused. I ran outside, wanting to be held, wanting to hold my mom, and I couldn’t. To tell this whole story would require a love.



I am a very interesting person. I am creative as well. The exciting part is... I am like a map there is so much to me. But here are a few things. I am a Pastor, wife, life coach, teacher, author, wife, and friend. I have have two-live in armourbeares... I am blessed. My teachings are rich, and I promise, I will motivate you to change. I have not always been a motivator, but God! Well that's me, stay connected to learn more.

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