Why why why????

Many times in our lives we are faced with pain and rejection.  It seems at times God is not even there to hear your call, or your cry.  It seems that you have gotten a terrible report at the Doctor about your health.  Now you are faced with fear, and you are wondering why Lord.   But hang in there, you are not alone.  Does it seem that God has forsaken you?Oh yes, you hear all the time, God is right there with you, only trust him and believe. and the more you try to do this, it seems that is not the way they say it is.  Is this you?  Great! this blog is for you then…. Many people, from all walks of life are suffering.  And many are suffering in silence.  Church people make you think you are weak because you are in a struggle or weakness.  And teach you to go hide from God.  Looking strong is not always strength.  I am reminded of the verse that says: I am near them that are broken and contrite Psalms 34:18.  He is right there with you. And he is listening to your cry. One of my favorite spiritual eats, is…. Psalms 55:22.  This tells us here, to cast our burden on the Lord for he cares for you.  Problem is; many times we won’t speak to God.  He wants you to come to him for whatever you are presently faced with.  Be it, sickness, financial, mess-ups, or just plan restlessness.  Whatever you are up against, go to Jesus.  I know it seems like you will never get o ut of the trial you are in, but it will turn for you, it will get better.  It don’t last forever, although it seems like it does.  I have felt this way many times.  And I have ventured out to talk to one’s whom I thought understood, and some did, and some didn’t.  It is a shame how people can be so judgmental when they have never walked a day in your shoes.  Everyone is fighting a battle, but everyone does not know what to do in that battle.  Remember these keys I am about to give you as you are face in trying times…. -Gird yourself with the loins of the truth.  The truth holds things up in it’s proper place.  Build a relation with the Word.  This where the truth is at. – Praying always with all prayer and supplications in the spirit.  Ephesians 6:18 -Give thanks, rather than complain.  We will always be faced with a emotion to complain, practice not doing that.  And learn to give a heart of thanks giving. – Worship, Worship the Lord with everything you aren’t, and everything you are.  In these times of pain, don’t shy away from it, learn to appreciate these time, for in pain, you can be elevated in the spirit.  This is something no one can take away from you.  These powerful keys are going to be helpful in your time of suffering.  Some may say don’t question the Lord, well I do.  Yes, I ask him what going on, and why is this going on.  And show me what to do in the test.  Therefore, if there is any adjustments that we can make on our part.  We can do that, when he shows that to us.  Don’t be afraid of failure. Sometimes we are going to fail, we don’t plan to, but it happens.  Some of your greatest failures, will be your greatest lessons to be learned, to help someone else.  So its ok, to ask, and it’s ok to know that God is right there to pick you up when you fall! Trust God! -Juanita Gibbs:


I am a very interesting person. I am creative as well. The exciting part is... I am like a map there is so much to me. But here are a few things. I am a Pastor, wife, life coach, teacher, author, wife, and friend. I have have two-live in armourbeares... I am blessed. My teachings are rich, and I promise, I will motivate you to change. I have not always been a motivator, but God! Well that's me, stay connected to learn more.

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